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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a BUSY BUSY Time of Year!

Hello There all of you CCM readers and fans =D

 This time of year is busy, busy for alot of people and I am no exception. I just want you to be aware that my posts are bound to be erratic and sometimes non-existant during the Holidays. I apologize for any inconveniences this causes any of you. There are quite a few good blogs on Facebook that post 24/7 during this time because they have employees or help, and I would be happy to hook you up with any of them to keep you connected while I'm preoccupied =D 
I am just a Mom with a computer and a passion for saving and being a Mom is my number one priority!
Unfortunately that means that this blog is taking a back seat for the time being.

I just thought you all deserved an explanation of why my posts have been here and there lately and I hope you all understand my position.
I appreciate you all being a part of CCM and promise to post when I can.
Things will be back to normal after the New Year, so thank you for bearing with me =D

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year =)

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