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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I need your Help!!

Ok guys, I am mixing the blog up a bit! I need your help. I decided I am going to plan a Kid's Halloween party for my kiddos and their friends this year and could use some suggestions. This is the first time I have ever planned a Halloween party. Good thing kids are easy to entertain for the most

I plan on doing the classic Bob For Apples game, but as far as other entertainment, I am kind of at a loss. Suggestions are greatly appreciated, but please remember I LOVE CHEAP =)

As far as food is concerned, I plan on making Mummy Dogs, BBQ meatballs, Green Mac & Cheese, Chips, Punch, Halloween Sugar Cookies, Halloween cupcakes, apple crisp, and Pumpkin Bread (gotta have a few munchies for the adults too) 
If anyone has some good recipes for a punch or has any other suggestions for food, again I'd love to hear them. I am not dead set on anything I have planned yet. So please suggest away, BUT think CHEAP =)

Thanks alot everyone and I look forward to hearing you suggestions!! =)

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